Our Story

Founded by Friends

Three friends founded Arbor Camp in 2022 with the hope of sharing the wonder, beauty, and peace of the Maine woods with our guests.

Just north of Acadia National Park, Arbor Camp is situated on thirty forested acres along the Union River. Mossy boulders dot the gently sloping terrain covered with many old-growth trees; lush ferns and mushrooms of many kinds carpet the forest floor. A small stream flows under an old rock bridge, joining up with the river, and a vast array of wildlife flourishes here: songbirds whistling in the canopy; fawn nestling in the ferns; eagle and heron and cormorants stretch their wings over the river.

In addition to sharing a love for the rugged beauty of the outdoors (nourished by their growing-up years in Montana) design and creativity is a passion of all three friends. Creating these treehouses as beautiful, functional, and imaginative spaces complementing the natural beauty of our wonderful surroundings is the fruition of a collaborative journey. We hope that you find these dwellings to be a hospitable place in which to enjoy peace, delight in beauty, and experience wonder in the natural world and the beloved ones with whom we share it.